The school uniform demonstrates the students’ commitment to embrace our school’s values and spirit. For each child, we recommend at least two complete uniform sets. Uniforms must be purchased by parents before their children attend school.

For full details of the School Uniform for all age groups please click below:

  • It is mandatory for students to wear the uniform provided by the school or approved by the school. The uniforms for regular classes and physical education classes differ. In winter, students are required to wear sweaters prescribed by the school.
  • Each student must possess a valid identity card issued by the school during all school activities outside the classroom.
  • PE uniforms with white canvas shoes should be worn on days when PE, Aerobics and Yoga classes are scheduled.
  • Boys should have short hair. No trendy hair-cuts are allowed.
  • The girls must tie two ponytails or plaits (braids). Girls cannot leave their hair open unless they have very short hair. Hair bands and ribbons should only be plain black.
  • It is not permitted to wear hats, caps, sweatbands, or sun glasses on campus.
  • With regular school uniforms, students will wear black shoes and black socks, and white canvas shoes and white socks with tracksuits.
  • It is only allowed for girls to wear small studs in their earlobes.
  • White slips or camisoles must be worn under girls’ shirts, and white vests must be worn under boys’ shirts.
  • School-issued or approved belts must be worn on all days, except when wearing PE uniforms.
  • For students in Grades 6 and above, the School Blazer is required on all school days, except when the PE Uniform is worn.
  • Students of KG1 to Grade 5 can wear casuals on Birthdays


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