As Principal of WISE, it gives me great pleasure to put forth the vision and the values which form the very foundation of this beautiful institution. I also take this opportunity to thank you for taking time to visit this website which aims at providing a holistic picture of the school which is going to be second home to your child. 

The WISE Indian Academy Private School is every child’s threshold to the 21st century world. The curriculum targets skill development through research-based learning and while doing so it aims at creating happy, lifelong learners. The academic approaches, in keeping with the curriculum, are in tune with the latest in the field of pedagogy.

At WISE, we revel in the unique abilities of each child and the teachers are well qualified, empathetic professionals who provide for multi-level instruction and diverse strategies keeping in mind the differentiated needs of the children. At WISE, we choose to retain the time-tested values of hard work, discipline, honesty while also focusing on nurturing confident, self-motivated, culturally sensitive global learners who will be the torch bearers of a liberated, progressive society.

The stakeholders of this beautiful venture comprise the Parents, the Teachers and our young learners. We look forward to working in close connect with the Parent Community in order to help our children dream big and beautiful. With the ingenuity of our highly motivated teachers, the unconditional love and support of the Parent community, I am confident that children from WISE will go forth into the world unafraid yet humble; discerning but trusting; courageous and honourable. They are the leaders of the 21st century who will bridge the chasms of inequality and will redefine universal brotherhood. We endeavour to provide a myriad opportunity which will help our children hone their inherent talents and will set them in pursuit of excellence. 

As we all embark on this Quest for Excellence, we seek the blessings of the Almighty to keep us strong and steady in our purpose. 

God Bless.

Mrs. Madonna James